EPISODE 201: How to Help your Senior Pastor Succeed with Drake DeLong Farmer



Show Notes

First off this week, we are making a pretty big change with our podcast starting this week if you haven’t noticed already.

We are renaming the podcast to “Making Sunday Happen.

Let us give you some reasons why:

When we started the podcast several years ago, we were directly targeting Church Media and Production folks, but as our ministry has grown and as our podcast audience has grown, the show has really morphed into talking to everyone involved in planning and executing the Weekend Worship Experience.

We are talking to those who make Sunday Happen. That’s production people yes, but also Worship Leaders, Communications folks, Pastors, First Impressions  and Guest Services teams and more.

So we wanted the name to reflect the fact that we are talking to everyone who makes the Worship Experience happen.

But my church has a Saturday night Worship Experience. Why just Sunday?”

Well, the content will apply to any Worship Experience – whether that is on Saturday, or you’re doing a special camp, conference, concert or event. But we all know that Sunday is the major game day for the church. Sunday is when most of church services happen. So, we’re calling it Making Sunday Happen and letting the content apply to all Worship Experiences.

So, that’s all we are changing. Same format, same type of guests, just changing the name. That’s it.

This will be the definitive podcast for those who plan and execute Worship Experiences.

We hope you continue to join us the next 200 episodes of the podcast.

This week we welcome back Drake De Long Farmer to the show. Drake and Carl chat about How to Help your Senior Pastor Succeed.


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