EPISODE 297: You Deserve to Know with Paul Wingfield (Part One)



Show Notes:

This week on the podcast, we welcome our friend Paul Wingfield.

Paul is the Senior Pastor at White Flag Christian Church in St. Louis.

Paul took a 3 month sabbatical last year during the craziness and came back fired up.

He did a sermon series when he came back called You Deserve to Know, where he laid out where his church and their leadership stood on cultural issues of the day.

Those sermons alone have been watched over 40,000 times from folks all over the world. That’s how impactful this message was.

Paul is going to share all about that and more this week and next week on the show.

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  • Importance of tackling politics from the pulpit
  • Fighting a Culture War from inside our churches
  • Reaching both seekers and mature believers
  • The why behind moral failure of spiritual leaders and pastors
  • White Flag Church’s approach to COVID
  • Reopening from the Pandemic
  • The importance of the digital presence of church


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