BONUS EPISODE: Coronavirus and the Church: Leader Roundtable



Show Notes:

This is a very special Bonus Episode of Making Sunday Happen on Coronavirus and the Church.

Obviously the Coronavirus has changed the landscape of how we do church.
Making Sunday Happen looks a whole lot different than it did last week.

Many of you guys are scrambling to know how to continue to do church.
You’ve been forced to do church online and not meet at your physical location.

Some of you have been livestreaming already and you’re working on a plan for how to use what you have more effectively.

Some of you, this is your first move to streaming and you’re looking for answers.

You can do this. We are going to get through this time.
It might look different. Things may never go back to normal, but we’re going to make it.

And there are many people in the Body of Believers who have stepped up to help.

In an effort to let you know what the ministries that serve you are doing, we asked several leaders in our industry to come together for a special roundtable discussion to talk through several things.

We talked through…
– The State of the Church – where we are and what we are seeing
– The State of Conferences – what’s being cancelled and moved and what’s not at this time
– Resources and Training available to you.
– Some Communications strategies and more.

We’ve gathered a powerhouse lineup of leaders in our space.

Luke McElroy – SALT
Justin Dean – ThatCC
Katie Allred – Church Communications
Kenny Jahng – Church Communications
Luke Miller – Worship House Media
Ryan Wakefield – Church Marketing University
Ben Stapley – author, speaker, communicator
Stephen Brewster – consultant

We want you to hear the heart of these leaders. We are for you. We are with you. You’re not alone.

We can and will still make Sunday happen.

Our Leader Roundtable discussion on Coronavirus and the Church.


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