EPISODE 009: Setting Them Up for Success


Show Notes and Resources Mentioned:

In this episode, I recommend using MailChimp as your E-Mail Service. It’s easy to use and free for the amount of e-mails you’ll most likely need to send. It lets you track opens, clicks, and other stats to let you know how your team is interacting with your e-mails.

You can start a MailChimp account at mailchimp.com

Here are six things you can in include in your weekly E-Mail Newsletter to your team:

1. A Story of Life Change.
You must keep “the why” of creating your experience above the tasks your team members perform each week. If they understand your vision – that you are creating experiences where people meet Jesus and grow in their relationship with Him – then they will feel like they are owners in the process just as much as you are.

2. Church Stats and Insider News.
Where you can in your E-Mail Newsletter, share church stats and insider news – from staff changes to plans for new campuses, upcoming sermon series, creative ideas and more. Don’t be afraid to let your team in on some stats and news that a regular attendee might not know. They will feel like they are a part of owning and creating the process.

3. Team Celebrations.
Celebrate salvation numbers, baptism numbers, birthdays, holidays, major life events within your team.

4. Prayer Needs.
Share needs in the life of your team members that the whole team could pray for. Do you have a team member that is moving to a new house? Struggling in a job situation? Dealing with a medical issue? Rally your team to pray for them. Try not to make this section fluffy or something that you would dismiss. Be genuine and share the need from your heart.

5. Service Evaluation.
Don’t be afraid to not only praise your team for the things you saw they did well, but offer some loving critique. People do want to know how they can improve. It’s better to offer little tweaks week-by-week than to unload your list of critiques in one rant.

6. Details on your Upcoming Sunday.
Giving them these notes during the week allowed them to live with the content some during the week like I was. If you serve another ministry of your church, consider giving details for each element or event during your weekend experience.


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You must keep the why of creating your experience above the tasks your team members perform each week. @carlbarnhill Click To Tweet Be intentional about communicating valuable information to your team. @carlbarnhill Click To Tweet Giving your team notes during the week allows them to live with the content during the week like you are. @carlbarnhill Click To Tweet
Sharable Content:

I want you to have the resources you need to lead your volunteer team well. That’s why in nearly every episode of the podcast I like to provide you with downloadable, sharable content that you can take back and use as you lead your teams. This content is absolutely FREE of charge. You can take it, copy it, and distribute it to your team members. May God bless your ministry as you serve Him.

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The content of this episode was adapted from an article I wrote for my friend Josh Blankenship over at joshblankenship.me. Click here or the image below to read more.


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