EPISODE 021: How to Cultivate Spiritual Growth in Your Team


Show Notes:

This week on the podcast, I give you three powerful ways that you can cultivate spiritual growth in your volunteer team. You might be wondering why I talk about about volunteers a lot on the podcast. It’s because you might be the best technical mind around, you can know everything there is to know about gear and technology – but in ministry, if people aren’t your top priority, under your growing relationship with Christ, your ministry will not be effective. People must come first.

In this episode, I discuss these 3 Powerful Ways You Can Cultivate Spiritual Growth:

  1. Pray for Your Team Members by Name.
  2. Keep an Updated List of Spiritual Next Steps of each Volunteer.
  3. Provide Resources and Opportunities for Growth.

Sharable Content:

I want you to have the resources you need to lead your volunteer team well. That’s why in nearly every episode of the podcast I like to provide you with downloadable, sharable content that you can take back and use as you lead your teams. This content is absolutely FREE of charge. You can take it, copy it, and distribute it to your team members. May God bless your ministry as you serve Him.

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