EPISODE 100: 100th Episode Special with Special Guests Kevin and Sam Sorbo


Show Notes

It has been 100 episodes. Amazing! We are going to take a big trip down memory lane this week, so hang tight! There are some very special guests later in the show as well – Carl welcomes Kevin and Sam Sorbo to the podcast for the first time. They talked about their take on faith in Hollywood, “Faith-based” films, politics and more. They also discussed their latest project Let There Be Light releasing later this year.

Church Media Resource of the Week

100th Episode

Church Video Annoucements

For the last 50 episodes of the show, we’ve given you a resource that’s either free or extremely affordable for your team every single week. This week, we want to share with you a service that we’ve started offering at [twelve:thirty]media. We are now offering premium Church Video Announcements for your church. Professionally produced, talent-based announcements for your weekly Worship Experiences.

You can find out all the details about how to get professional quality Video Announcements at your church for less than half the cost of a full time hire at twelvethirty.media/announcements.

Listen to this audio clip for more information:

More from Kevin & Sam Sorbo

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We want you to have the resources you need to lead your volunteer team well. That’s why in nearly every episode of the podcast we like to provide you with downloadable, sharable content that you can take back and use as you lead your teams. This content is absolutely FREE of charge. You can take it, copy it, and distribute it to your team members. May God bless your ministry as you serve Him.

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