EPISODE 159: Leading Up: How to Get your Pastor On Board with Jason Dyba & Ryan McCormick (Part Two)


Show Notes

Our host, Car Barnhill, continues in his conversation with Jason Dyba & Ryan McCormikc. These guys work for Passion City Church and Passion Conference along side of pastor, speaker and author Louie Giglio. Listen today as they talk about getting a pastor, who isn’t as geared towards creativity, on board with your vision for excellence. You will hear how it is less about strategically convening him, and much more about building and bettering your relationship with him. It’s great stuff and we trust you will be challenge by this conversation.

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We get excited about something in isolation, we don't involve our pastor or leadership, we run with our idea and process and at the very end we expect them to reply, after hours, with excitement and encouragement. This just isn't realistic.… Click To Tweet It's less about getting your pastor on board, but inviting your pastor into your world. This will build bridges to start to work together. @RyanMcCormick Click To Tweet