EPISODE 199: Creating a Culture of Worship for Every Generation with Yancy (Part Two)



Show Notes

So, a few years ago, we started doing some custom media work for Seeds Family Worship – a great ministry that produces word for word scripture songs and resources for family worship. Through those guys, and some other connections we have really become a go to for Kids Ministry content. Just several years later, we’ve produced over 200 lyric videos, hundreds of promotional graphics and other video content for Seeds, Answers in Genesis, Brad G Music, Doorpost Songs, Yancy and others.

We have had the great privilege of producing song videos to some of Yancy’s best selling songs. We’ve also helped her produce countdowns and content for her new Heartbeat Curriculum which teaches kids and Worship Leaders the heartbeat behind worship.

You can find out more about Yancy by visiting yancyministries.com

Yancy has been a worship leader for a long time and has written hit songs like “I Don’t Want to Go” which was recorded by Avalon. She has been in the worship space nearly all her life as her Dad is a known name in Children’s Ministry. This week we wrap up our conversation with Yancy on the topic of creating a culture of worship for every generation.


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