EPISODE 400: Stories of Worship with Chris Tomlin and Special Guest Craig Groeschel



Show Notes:

Hey friends, welcome to the podcast.

This is episode number 400 of our show, and thats a pretty big deal!

It has been quite a journey. We started this podcast in 2015, so we’ve been at this for about 8 years bringing you weekly episodes of our show and we have some really exciting guests coming this year.

Today we have the privilege of talking with artist Chris Tomlin, who is the most sung Christian artist anywhere. He has sold over 7 million albums. He has been awarded 23 GMA Dove Awards, a Grammy and two platinum albums. His songs like “How Great is Our God,” “Our God,” “Whom Shall I Fear,” “Good Good Father” and others are anthems for a generation of worshippers.

With Chris we are going to talk about some of the stories behind some of the most well known worship songs.

We also have a quick peek of an interview we did with Pastor Craig Groeschel.

All this and more, for our 400th episode!


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