EPISODE 405: Using ChatGPT and AI Tools for Ministry PART TWO with Ryan Frank



Show Notes:

We are in PART TWO of our 4 part series on ChatGPT and AI Tools for Ministry. If you missed Part One with Alex Lyons, jump back and listen or watch that episode.

We talked about ways Alex and his team are using ChatGPT along with other tools at the SC Baptist Convention including how they are taking conference breakouts and turning them into multiple pieces of training content for churches. We walked through how you can do that too at your church.

Today, we continue our series by talking with Ryan Frank.

Ryan is the man behind KidzMatter – he’s an author, speaker, conference director and entrepreneur. He is a leader in the Kids Ministry space specifically so you’re going to hear ways today that you and your Kids Ministry Leaders can use ChatGPT to create more content than ever before. Ryan shares some really practical ways him and his team are using AI to be more efficient.


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