EPISODE 150: Christians in Media: The Producers with Alex Kendrick / Ted Baehr / Michael Scott

Welcome to our 150th Episode Special! We are excited to be celebrating this week.

We want to take a minute to tell folks that have been with us since the beginning – Thank You so much! Its because of you that we are one of the top church tech podcasts in the country – consistently listed on lists of the top podcasts for church creatives – its really incredible.

This is a little longer episode this week to celebrate our 150th with 3 powerhouse interviews with Producers in the Christian space. In this episode, you’ll hear my interviews with Director/Producer Alex Kendrick who you know from starring in and directing such films as Facing the Giants, Fireproof, Courageous and War Room. You’ll also hear my chat with Movieguide CEO Ted Baehr and Pureflix Entertainment CEO Michael Scott.

For show notes, a transcript and resources for your production team, visit twelvethirty.media/150