S01. Episode 020: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Episode 20: We tell our leaders all the time “we could not do student ministry without you” and it its something that we really and truly mean, with all our heart. They aren’t just a vital part of our ministry, they are a true necessity to our ministry.

We literally would not be able to have a student ministry retreat without adult chaperons. We wouldn’t have anyone to lead small groups and we wouldn’t have anyone to help connect with our students.

So once we’ve gotten leaders, how do we work with them to communicate well and help train them? How do we help them feel valued and keep coming back?

Join the guys as they share their tips to working with volunteers…
1. Safety First
2. Clear Expectations and Clear Communication
3. Have a Personal Touch
4. Make Them the Hero
5. Celebrate What You Want to Replicate

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