Service Pack

Community Groups Volume One: Pack

Community Groups Volume One: Pack is a dynamic collection perfect for your worship services. Featuring 1 editable Photoshop design file, 1 blank motion background, 4 title motions, 4 title stills, 1 still background, 5 social media graphics, 5 social media motions and one 5-minute countdown. This collection will help you create an incredible worship experience.


What's Included

Graphic Design

  • 5 Social Media Graphics
  • 4 Title Stills
  • 1 Blank Teaching Still
  • 1 Editable Design Files

Video Content

  • 1 5-Minute Countdown
  • 5 Social Media Motions
  • 4 Title Motions
  • 1 Blank Teaching Motion

Product Details

Each Service Pack consists of a collection of coordinating media for your worship experiences. All Video Content will download to your machine as HD Quicktime video files. All Graphic Design Content will be downloaded as editable Photoshop Files and .JPG image files. Content in our Service Packs are compatible with all leading presentation software.


Preview Contents

Title Motion

Teaching Motion

Title Motion

Title Still

Title Still

Title Still