Series in a Box

The Gospels: Box Collection

This is a combined offer of four different Series In A Box. The full story of Jesus Christ unfolds over the gospels in the Bible. The first four books of the New Testament, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, tell of the long awaited Messiah who would come to rescue the world. This 16-week Series In A Box Collection is a perfect collection to empower your church to learn from the first four books of the New Testament.


What's Included

Video Content

  • 2 Series Trailers (Per Box)
  • Sermon Bumper (Per Box)
  • 5-Minute Countdown (Per Box)
  • Title Motion (Per Box)
  • 3 Teaching Motions (Per Box)
  • Welcome Motion (Per Box)
  • Closing Motion (Per Box)
  • Scripture Motion (Per Box)

Graphic Design

  • Layered .PSD Series Artwork (Per Box)
  • .PNG of Title Treatment (Per Box)
  • 1 Web Banner (Per Box)
  • 3 Teaching Stills (Per Box)
  • 1 Welcome Still (Per Box)
  • 1 Closing Still (Per Box)
  • 1 Scripture Still (Per Box)
  • 2 Social Media Squares (Per Box)
  • 1 Facebook Cover Photo (Per Box)
  • 1 Twitter Header (Per Box)
  • 1 Postcard Design (Per Box)
  • 1 Bulletin Design (Per Box)
  • 1 Title Still (Per Box)

Teaching Content

  • 1 Teaching Outline (Per Box)

Product Details

Each Series in a Box includes everything you’ll need for your series – a massive collection of done-for-you Graphic Design and Video content produced so that you can spend more time ministering to the people at your church! All Video Content will download to your machine as HD Quicktime video files. All Graphic Design Content will be downloaded as editable Photoshop Files, .JPG and .PNG images.


THE BOOK OF MATTHEW: The King and His Kingdom


THE BOOK OF MARK: Christ’s Power Over Every Need


THE BOOK OF LUKE: Jesus and His Mission


THE BOOK OF JOHN: That You May Believe

Preview Contents

Matthew Title Motion

Matthew Scripture Motion

Matthew Teaching Motion

Mark Title Still

Mark Welcome Motion

Mark Sermon Bumper

Luke Title Still

Luke Teaching Motion

Luke Sermon Bumper

John Title Still

John Welcome Motion

John Teaching Motion

Series in a Box

The Gospels: Box Collection