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Go Unlimited

With our Go Unlimited Subscription Plan, you can download any product from our growing Worship Media library! Our store is full of ready-made Mini-Movies, Service Packs, Series Boxes, and Song Videos ready for you to download and use any time at your church. Plus, we’re adding fresh content every month to help you transform your Worship Experience.

Our Go Unlimited subscription is $49/month for 12 months and includes instant, unlimited access to all of our Worship Media products.

$49 / month

What’s included in the Go Unlimited Plan?

Your Go Unlimited subscription includes unlimited monthly downloads of our entire Worship Media Library. After you sign up, all Mini-Movies, Service Packs, Series in a Box and Song Videos in our store will be available to download. Go Unlimited is $49/month for 12 months and after one year, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

Mini Movies

Our Mini-Movies are short form sermon illustration videos you can use as sermon bumpers, trailers, openers or as a transitional element in your Worship Experience. We've produced videos for any weekend or season at your church.
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Series in a Box

Our Series in a Box sermon kits are packed with everything you need for a successful sermon series or event. We offer editable Graphic Design files, Video Content and Teaching Booklets that you can use or adapt for your church.
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Service Packs

Service Packs are small collections of coordinating Worship Media. These packs include matching countdowns, motions, stills and more for your screens. We offer adult, children's and student ministry packs.
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Song Videos

Videos with lyrics, stories and inspiration perfect for your adult, kids and student experiences. We offer demo, performance and hand motion versions of select songs to help you create memorable moments at your church.
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Unlimited Downloads from our Entire Worship Media Library

Why Should I Go Unlimited?

To Save Money

We offer both ready to use Worship Media and we produce Custom Media from scratch. Worship Media is a great option for churches on a tighter budget or that need an easy solution for their series content. Our Go Unlimited Plan saves your church thousands of dollars that you can more into ministry in other areas.

To Outsource Your Smaller Series

We have dozens of churches that use our Worship Media content for smaller series so that their in-house team can work on larger series content. Or churches work with us to produce Custom Media for larger series and use Worship Media for their shorter, smaller series throughout the year.

To Outsource the Needs of Other Ministries in Your Church

You may have a small creative team at your church that time doesn’t allow them to produce quality content for the Children’s, Student or other ministries in the church. Our Go Unlimited plan offers a low-cost, high-quality solution for your church, saving you more than half the cost of another full-time creative hire.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I locked into a Contract if I Sign Up for Go Unlimited?

When purchasing a Go Unlimited subscription, you're agreeing to pay $49/month for the next 12 months for instant, unlimited access to our Worship Media products. After the initial 12 month term, you'll be able to cancel your subscription at any time.

What prevents me from downloading everything in the store in one month and cancelling?

The wrath of God and fire from heaven will reign down on you if you do. Okay, not really. By signing up for our Go Unlimited, you're agreeing to pay $49/month for one year. We have priced our Worship Media individually and as a Subscription Plan to give churches of all sizes the opportunity to have high-quality media content for their Worship Experiences. Please help us keep our prices low by paying for at least a full year of Go Unlimited before cancelling.

Do I pay monthly or annually?

Go Unlimited was designed for churches to be able to afford media content on a monthly basis. An annual payment option may be available in the future, but we have no current plans to do so.

Only $49/month for 12 Months!