Series in a Box

Matthew (Discover the Kingdom): Premium Box

Matthew: Discover the Kingdom focuses on the beginning of the life of Jesus Christ. You will dive into the first four chapters of the book of Matthew to get a front row seat to the arrival of the infant King Jesus. From the time He arrives on the Earth His kingdom is being made known. This Premium Box is a full sermon kit perfect for a 4-Week Sermon Series at your church.

*Includes BOTH Series in a Box and Teaching Booklet.


What's Included

Video Content

  • "Discover the Kingdom" Mini-Movie
  • 4 Weekly Sermon Bumpers
  • Stand-Alone Sermon Bumper
  • 2 Series Trailers
  • "Matthew 13:44" Scripture Mini-Movie
  • 5-Minute Countdown
  • 3 Teaching Motions
  • Title Motion
  • Welcome Motion
  • Closing Motion
  • Scripture Motion

Graphic Design Content

  • Layered .PSD Series Artwork
  • Bulletin Insert
  • Facebook Header Image
  • Postcard Design
  • 4 Weekly Sermon Title Stills
  • 3 Teaching Stills
  • Title Still
  • 3 Title Treatment .PNG Files
  • Web Banner Image
  • Welcome Still
  • Closing Still
  • Scripture Still

Teaching Content

  • Series Outline
  • Sermon Overviews for 4 Weeks
  • Sermon Outlines for 4 Weeks
  • Discussion Questions for 4 Weeks
  • Sermon Illustration Ideas for 4 Weeks
  • Social Media Post Ideas for 4 Weeks
  • Resource Guide for 4 Weeks

Product Details

Each Premium Box includes BOTH the Series in a Box and Teaching Booklet. It comes packed with a massive collection of done-for-you Graphic Design, Video and Teaching content produced so that you can spend more time ministering to the people at your church! All Video Content will download to your machine as HD Quicktime video files. All Graphic Design Content will be downloaded as editable Photoshop Files, .JPG and .PNG images. Teaching Content will download as .PDF booklets and will be available in both fully designed and print ready versions. All Video and Graphic Design content is compatible with all leading presentation software.

Preview Contents

Series Trailer

Sermon Bumper

Title Motion

Sermon Title Still

Title Still

Teaching Still

Series Outline

Sermon Illustration Ideas

Social Media Posts

Series in a Box

Matthew (Discover the Kingdom): Premium Box