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Miraculous – All Things Are Possible: Sermon Bumper

Healing the sick, freeing the oppressed, restoring the broken, resurrecting from the dead. Jesus’ miracles still happen today. Do you believe in miracles?
Use these Sermon Bumpers from our Miraculous – All Things Are Possible: Series In A Box to create a great sermon series for your next worship experience.


What's Included

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  • Sermon Bumper

    Sermon Bumpers

  • Series Trailer (Two Weeks)

    Sermon Bumpers

  • Series Trailer (One Week)

    Sermon Bumpers

Product Details

Our Sermon Bumpers are short form transition videos you can use as sermon bumpers, promotional videos, openers or as a transitional element in your worship experience. Each Sermon Bumper will download to your machine as a video file and is compatible with all leading presentation software.