Service Pack

Racehorse or Wrestler Game

Have you ever heard an interesting name and didn’t know if it was a racehorse or a professional wrestler? Probably not, but hey, it could happen. So, be prepared for this daunting day by familiarizing yourself with all of these unique names. Next time this conversation comes up around the lunch table you will be ready. Contestants guess whether the name provided is a famous racehorse or a professional wrestler. Perfect for your student or kids worship experiences.


What's Included

Graphic Design

  • 1 Title Still
  • 3 Instruction Stills
  • 1 Tiebreaker Still
  • 1 Bonus Still
  • 11 Question Stills
  • 11 Answer Stills

Video Content

  • 1 Title Motion
  • 3 Instruction Motions
  • 1 Tiebreaker Motion
  • 1 Bonus Motion
  • 11 Question Motions
  • 11 Answer Motions

Product Details

Each Service Pack consists of a collection of coordinating media for your worship experiences. All Video Content will download to your machine as HD Quicktime video files. All Graphic Design Content will be downloaded as editable Photoshop Files and .JPG image files. Content in our Service Packs are compatible with all leading presentation software.


Preview Contents

Title Motion

Question Motion

Answer Motion

Tiebreaker Still

Instruction Still

Answer Still