10 Deep Convictions for Every Christian Storyteller

deep convictions

I’m a note taker.

Not a vicious one, but one who writes down poignant lessons not to be forgotten. Scribbled among the pages of my bible, I’ve managed to consolidate 10 such lessons into a mantra for Christian video storytelling. These are my own deep convictions, which motivate how I share the gospel through technology.

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1. Allow my audience to feel first. Compassion comes from experience with an unfavorable framework of reality. If my audience can’t experience that reality, then that reality might as well not exist. I am battling indifference.

2. I can’t truly know someone unless I am there in the flesh with them. I can TRY to present the essence of a person on the screen, but to push people into real relationship is my main goal. Inform, inspire, then engage.
3. I am in direct confrontation with headline news and have an opportunity to set cultural agenda. As long as the church holds authority over hearts, I hold power to shape what my audience thinks.

4. I need to validate and normalize non-dominant voices. Give voice to the poor and oppressed as an attempt to counter systemic segregation (racial, yes, but not limited to race)

5. In humility (Philippians 2), have concern for others first, even if I disagree.
6. Refute subconscious categorizations of people. Be aware of my own cultural framework and pay attention to how I’m communicating across multi-cultural platforms.

7. Stories hold more merit than opinions. Opinions are the tip of the iceberg. The stories that make the opinions lead to empathy and understanding.
8. The ultimate challenge of creativity is to make disciples, no just art. Good art pushes people toward good action.
9. Always challenge the status quo. The institutional church is a counterfeit to Jesus’ revolutionary movement. Always ask “why”, and remember that revival starts on the fringe.
10. If I’m not a good neighbor, I have no credibility. All leadership begins with self leadership, and therefore I cannot push my audience into real relationship unless I am in real relationships with those in proximity to me.