3 Reasons Why You Should Produce Some of Your Own Media Content at Your Church

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Full disclosure, my company produces media for churches. 

So, the fact that I’m giving reasons why you should produce your own media seems contrary.  Let me explain.

First, proper use of media is emotive and powerful. Watch a scary movie and you get – scared.  Watch a drama – cry. Share the gospel in a video – people get saved. Lives get changed. We know it’s the power of the Holy Spirit and the Word that changes lives. However, the Word commands us to “GO” to “all corners of the earth.” So, it’s a delivered message, an action, that puts the message out there so the world can hear.

Second, it’s your message to your community. It’s authentic and local. You have events going on in your church and community that need to be shared. How do you communicate to your community in today’s world? Digitally. Producing a story/video and taking pictures on a local level is authentic. Your community will know it, feel it, and get involved. First get them to the event, then tell the community about what happened at the event. All through media.

Third, it’s to the world. Your message, though local, can affect someone on the other side of the world. Broadcast, cable, radio, streaming, online – it’s all to the masses.  You can potentially reach many more people, to let their ears hear the Word, than you could ever reach one-on-one.

Scripture tells us to go into all the world to share the gospel. It even gives specific information: first to Judea, then to Samaria, then to the uttermost parts of the earth. What are you doing to reach out in this way? Good media production, from high quality graphics to promote your local events to videos telling personal stories of salvation, healing, and deliverance, are great examples of how you can use media in a professional and powerful way to spread the gospel.

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