8 Churches that Give Away Their Media Content

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I love that churches, especially larger churches that have full media departments, choose to give their content away. This is an incredible blessing to the body and I’m so thrilled that churches to this.


Here’s my list of eight of my favorite churches that give away their media content for free:

01. Newspring Church.
I served on staff at Newspring as a Video Coordinator. I personally know and have worked with several members of the team that produce their content. You’re not going to find a more professional, talented group of production guys. They give away not only all their series media content, but content for kids, students, volunteers, groups, and more.


My friend Jessie DeMare leads the Newspring Network which helps other churches and ministries learn from Newspring how to create better experiences at their church. Contact her team at newspringnetwork.com to learn more.


Where to get the content:

02. Elevation Church.
I apologize for name-dropping again – I went to college with a lot of the guys that started and serve at Elevation Church in Charlotte, NC. I say that to personally brag on their team. Geoff Schultz and their amazing team of Motion Designers and artists are simply the best at producing church media content. They also give away sermon series, kids series, and content for groups.


Where to get the content:

03. Church on the Move.
Church on the Move is based in Tulsa, OK and is one of the leading churches in the nation when it comes to modern worship and creativity. They give away all kinds of resources through their ministry “Seeds” – series artwork, videos, music, dramas, kids and student content and more.


Where to get the content:

04. Southeast Christian Church.
Southeast Christian Church created the resource “Stuff I Can Use” as an open source ministry years ago. Check out some great sermon series artwork, and other great resources.


Where to get the content:

05. LifeChurch.tv
“Open” from LifeChurch.tv has grown over the years from just a few resources to an entire website filled with resources for services, students, kids, small groups, worship, leadership and more.


Where to get the content:

06. New Life Church.
New Life Church offers series artwork and other resources for your church. Also check out their blog for church creatives.


Where to get the content:

07. Vintage Church.
Vintage Church has a great resource site with free stuff churches can use. Check out series artwork, templates, graphics for kids, students, missions and more. Soon, they will be combining with One Church Resources. Check out both sites below.


Where to get the content:

08. Christ’s Church of the Valley.
A collection of sermon series graphics and resources from Christ’s Church of the Valley in Peoria, AZ.


Where to get the content:

If you’re a church that has the means to create content that you can give away to other churches after your series or event, do it! It’s such a help to the Church!

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Carl Barnhill has served on staff at some of the largest churches and organizations in the country. He served as Media Director at Precept Ministries International, directing the television and radio program Precepts for Life with Kay Arthur, broadcasted to over 98 million homes around the world. He served as Video Production Director at Pinelake Church in Brandon, MS, where he produced media content for four campuses, as well as led volunteer teams.

He most recently served as Video Coordinator for Newspring Church in South Carolina. Newspring has 10 campuses across the state with a weekly attendance of over 35,000. At one campus alone, the number of consistent volunteers serving in media production tripled, under his leadership.

He currently serves as Creative Director and Owner of [twelve:thirty]media, a company that serves churches and ministries all over the world through motion graphics content and church media coaching.

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