Custom Media Roundup: September 30, 2016

custom media round-up

I thought once or month or so on the blog we feature some of our favorite Custom Media projects we’ve produced for churches, ministries and other organizations. This week, I’ll feature a selection of sermon bumpers, song videos, and other content we’ve produced for some of our partners.

Let us know what you like! Feel free to share these videos online, comment, or e-mail us ( with any suggestions or thoughts you have on our work. We would love to produce custom media for your next sermon series or event.

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By far one of our most popular videos. This bumper was produced for our friends at The Church at Chapelhill in Atlanta, GA. We’ve since had dozens of churches contact us about using the bumper for their own political themed series.

2. ROOTED: Sermon Bumper

This bumper was produced in partnership with our friends at Mt. Horeb United Methodist Church in Lexington, SC. This bumper will be used at a national men’s conference in February 2017 for their conference theme.

3. HE IS FAITHFUL: Song Support

We’ve produced over 70 lyric videos for our friends at Seeds Family Worship. Their ministry writes and produces word-for-word scripture songs for churches and families. You can purchase their songs and DVDs for your family or church at In the video below we attempted a very unique ‘kaleidoscope’ approach. Check it out:



Another lyric video we produced for Seeds Family Worship. The song below is their signature and most popular song. We strived to communicate the essence of their ministry through the imagery of the video – bright, happy, kids, life, joy. We also incorporated their ministry logo and colors. Check out the result:


5. HIDDEN: Sermon Bumper

We produced this sermon bumper for White Flag Christian Church in St. Louis, MO for their series “Hidden”. We had a lot of fun making this one as epic and thought-provoking as we could in communicating their theme.


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