For Such a Time as This

for such a time as this

For a time such as this..

I know I need to say something, I’m just not sure what. Like you (I hope), I am in pain over the events in Charlottesville, VA. Every time I soak in the history of civil rights, I imagine myself among the peaceful protestors. After watching Remember the Titans, or Selma, or 42, or Hidden Figures, Fruitvale Station, even Zootopia, I imagine myself hand-in-hand with my black friends against their oppressors. Though I view myself favorably within these fighting-for-justice scenarios in my imagination, I MUST ask myself a simple question: IF given the chance today to stand in the gap, would I? I’ve visited Baton Rouge and studied the death of Alton Sterling. I’ve visited Lebanon to share coffee with refugees. I’ve visited Sudan, Jamaica, Haiti and Costa Rica to learn about poverty and the hurtful contributions of American Christians. Having witnessed so much hatred spew to the surface of social dialogue, I think one thing is clear. My chance to stand in the gap is now.

So what will I do? How do I stand in the gap? In all and through everything I have learned one simple truth: We are all human. Given my profession, the best thing I know to do is to keep telling stories. My job is to remind everyone of that one simple truth.

Refugees are HUMAN.

The black man and the cop that shot him are both HUMAN.

Heroin addicts are HUMAN.

5 year olds with Malaria are HUMAN.

If you’re a church media producer, I want to remind you of the power you have. Systems are shaped by those in power. Educational systems. Economical systems. Communication, distribution and transportation systems. One well-crafted story can change the minds of the hardest critics. If we want the craziness to stop, then keep telling the story that’s right in front of you. God doesn’t let bad things happen, we do.

If you remain silent at this time, relief and deliverance for the Jews will arise from another place… and who knows but that you have come to royal position for such a time as this?” Esther 4:14

Let me rephrase…

If you remain silent, fellow church media producer, relief and deliverance for the blacks, the incarcerated, the addicted, the homeless, the mentally ill or WHEREVER you see oppression, will arise from another place. Take note that God will intervene with OR without you. But God wants YOU. And who knows but that you have come to such a position (this is your leverage… career, skill, compassion, relationships, family network…) for such a time as this?

Here are two simple questions that have power to win back the world:

1. What’s your position of influence?
2. What oppression do you see?

Now go do something about it.