FREE 30 Minute Environmental Projection Course from Luke McElroy

30 Minute Environmental Projection Course

My friend Luke McElroy and the team at Orange Thread Media is sharing an incredible resource with our audience
Luke is the authoritative source on Environmental Projection. He literally wrote the book on the topic. 
Their team has packaged a free 30-minute e-course on environmental projection. Luke breaks down the myths, methods, and technologies involved. The goal is to help any organization with any budget create an amazing environment in each unique space. Whether it’s a 100 seat room or a 3,000 seat room, this course is perfect for every church.

@lukemcelroy walks through each piece of gear used & needed to create amazing environmental projections. Click To Tweet
Luke walks through each piece of gear used and needed to create these amazing environments.
Additionally, they are providing a step by step guide that goes alongside the video and a 2-page worksheet to help you learn and retain all the information in order to help your whole team take creativity to the next level.

Check out the preview below:

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