How to Use Series in a Box

Series in a Box

Not long ago, my family and I went on vacation

This included a side trip to enjoy one of those themed dinner shows in a touristy area. What struck me most about the experience, was that from the time we got out of our car to the time we left to go home, the theme was present and intentional. The staff made sure to engage all of our senses during our visit.

Through the sights, the sounds, the taste and the touch, for 2 hours we had entered into another realm altogether. It was such a wonderful experience I almost forgot that I had to mortgage my house for the four of us to eat a chicken leg, some soup, and a piece of bread… all with our hands! It was obvious that everyone involved had worked hard to make it an immersive experience.

As someone who has worked in the church world for nearly 15 years, I am afraid that the experiences we are creating on the weekends are not immersive at all. In fact, most churches I know barely even dip their toe into the water of creativity. I am not claiming that the sacred calling we have to share the gospel for the transformation of the world ought to be simplified into a dinner show.  I think there is room to engage people at a deeper level by being more intentional with the overall worship experience from top to bottom.

First thing’s first.

With this desire in mind, Twelve Thirty Media has created a game-changing product called “Series in a Box”. The goal of these boxes is to give the pastor, production director, worship leader, or youth pastor all of the media and teaching content they need to develop a powerful sermon series that carries the theme from the beginning of the service to the end.

Here is how it works:

First, you choose the Series in a Box that best fits the direction and intention of your ministry. It is helpful to remember that these boxes can supplement your sermon series plan for the year, or be coordinated to give you a sermon series plan for the year. With this approach, it frees you up from having to be burdened with planning and creating resources so that you can spend your time preparing to deliver the weekly content.

Second, inside of the downloaded “box”, is a plethora of ready-made media products designed around the sermon series theme. These pieces are ready to be loaded into your media presentation software for the weekend. Take your time in using all of the elements to create that immersive experience that we are after.

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Motion graphics

There are motion backgrounds that help you welcome your congregation, put scripture before them, and wish them well as they leave. Each one is themed appropriately.

Still Graphics

These are to be used in the same way as the motion graphics, they are just static in nature.


To create anticipation for the beginning of your worship service and to help your congregation find their seats when it is time to start, there are five-minute countdowns that can be placed at the beginning of your presentation.

Series Trailers / Sermon Bumpers / Mini-Movies

There are powerful, creative, short-form videos that can be placed anywhere in your presentation to evoke emotion from your audience.


There are even social media designs, postcards, and bulletin covers available to help your immersive experience to transcend the physical worship location.

Third, after the weekend presentation is set, it is time to prayerfully prepare a message that will be the icing on the cake. Romans 10:7 says that “faith comes by hearing the message and the message through the Word of God”. This is where the real transformation takes place. Do not let this step of your worship planning process take a back seat. We have given you a bit of a head start when you utilize a Series in a Box, because we have provided a week by week sermon series, complete with titles and scripture to use. With the premium box you even receive a fully designed teaching booklet with weekly sermon points, illustrations, and resources. Take these teaching elements and make them your own by meditating on the message God has laid upon your heart and delivering a sermon that has first taught you.

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Twelve Thirty Media believes that weekend worship is where people encounter the living God and are never the same. Let us help you transform your worship experience through Series in a Box.

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