Keyboard Shortcuts Every ProPresenter Operator Should Know

keyboard shortcuts

Every ProPresenter Operator should know a few keyboard shortcuts to be more efficient. I’ve curated a list of 10 that I think your volunteers may use the most and then a big list of more below. Check it out:

My Top 10 Keyboard Shortcuts for ProPresenter for Mac

  1. COMMAND + Z  =  Undo
  2. COMMAND + S = Save
  3. COMMAND + A = Select All
  4. COMMAND + X = Cut
  5. COMMAND + C = Copy
  6. COMMAND + V = Paste
  7. COMMAND + SHIFT + D  = Duplicates the Current Slide
  8. COMMAND + E or OPTION + E = Opens the Editor for the Selected Document
  9. COMMAND + 1 = Toggles the Main Output On and Off on the Assigned Display
  10. COMMAND + N = Creates a New Presentation

Here’s some more bonus shortcuts for you:

  1. COMMAND + L = Jumps to the Current Document in your Library
  2. CONTROL + B = Opens Bibles
  3. COMMAND + Comma = Opens Preferences
  4. COMMAND + 2 = Toggles Stage Display Output On and Off
  5. COMMAND + 3 = Toggles your Preview Screen between Output and Stage Display
  6. COMMAND + CONTROL + S = Save your Bible Search as a New Document
  7. OPTION + NEW SLIDE BUTTON  = Select a slide, hold Option while you click the New Slide Button in the lower left corner. This will add a new slide in front of the selected slide.
  8. COMMAND + H = Hide ProPresenter
  9. COMMAND + Q = Quit ProPresenter
  10. F1 = Clear All
  11. F2 = Clear Text
  12. F3 = Clear Background
  13. F4 = Clear Props
  14. F5 = Clear Audio
  15. F6  = Logo
  16. Option + Return = Split a Slide at the Cursor
  17. Option + Shift + Return = Send Text after the Cursor to the Next Slide

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