Last Minute Thanksgiving Worship Media Ideas

Thanksgiving Worship Media Ideas

Thanksgiving is a time when we slow down enough to recognize that we have so much to be grateful for within our lives.

It is easy to get caught up in the day to day grind and forget to thank God for the many blessings He has given us. Recognizing that your congregation is as busy, if not busier than you, is paramount to creating a weekend experience that is meaningful and life-changing during this time of year.

Make a point this weekend to be intentional with creating space for your congregation to reflect on the many gifts within their lives and space to respond to the giver of these blessings. Gratitude is the key to unlocking true joy. Don’t miss the opportunity to share it with your people

Here are four practical and creative elements to take your Thanksgiving worship to a whole new level:

  1. WRITTEN RESPONSE. As your congregation enters the worship space, hand out some sort of item that they can hold during the service and message and be sure to refer to it often. Consider giving them cut out leaves, pieces of wood slices, fabric strips or torn pieces of cardboard. There is power in writing down what your sense in your heart. Challenge your listeners to think about the things that God has blessed them with and as an act of gratitude, invite them to write it down and place it somewhere in the room as they close in worship or as they leave. Take pictures of these collected blessings to celebrate with your church on social media or during the service the following weekend.
  2. PRAYING SCRIPTURE. During your worship service invite individuals onto the stage or the center of the room to read scriptures of thanksgiving out loud as music plays. Take your time and even allow the congregation to sit in silence at strategic points in the readings. Consider having the readings in print or on the screens so those listening can see them as well. Look to the book of Psalms to give you some relevant and meaningful passages to read aloud.
  3. LIGHT IT UP. For a powerful and intimate wrap up to your service, allow your congregation to come to designated spots in your worship area to light candles during your closing song. Bring the light in the room down so the room will be filled with light as the candles are lit. Set up this response by reminding everyone that there is power in gratitude that shines light into the darkness around us. Have them thank God for a specific blessing in their lives as they light their candle and voice their gratitude in prayer.
  4. PAY IT FORWARD. One of the best ways to celebrate Thanksgiving is by giving others a reason to be thankful. Challenge your congregation to do some kind of random act of kindness to at least one person during the following week. Invite them to anonymously pay for someone’s meal, mow someone’s yard, write an unexpected note and or rake a leaf filled yard. Remind your listeners that the reason we have been blessed by God is to be a blessing to others.

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