Stay Alert in the Tech Booth

stay alert

Tech tips don’t always have to be about “technology”.

This one is about you – The Tech!

It can be easy to get caught up in the business of serving the worship team, managing technical details, and preparing for a service or special event. Sure, much of your mandate to serve with excellence requires some specific technical skill. It also requires that you are alert, present, and attentive in your act of service.

And for the record, being alert goes beyond drinking that third cup of coffee or energy drink.

Booth Distractions

Ok, you know it’s coming. Put your phone away. And definitely put it in silent mode (unless your team uses cell phones for regular tech-related communication). Your focus needs to be on the task at hand, not your email or social media feed. Yes, I’m talking to you, “researching” and “updating” critical information.


Missed slides, wrong lighting cues, and that guitar jack that got pulled out before you could mute the channel can all be avoided if you are paying attention to what is happening on the platform and what is being said. We all miss things from time to time. Let’s not make it a habit though.


Eliminating common distractions in the tech booth is a great place to start.
Attentiveness goes beyond the tech booth and coffee pot.


Are we truly present with our fellow team members and others around us?

Team Attention

As a technical volunteer, I can tell you how important it is to just have someone say a simple “thank you” – especially in the sometimes hectic preparations leading up to special services or events. And this gratefulness goes both ways.

Remember to thank those around you for the services they are providing. Reach out to other ministry teams and members to make sure they are appreciated by you.

Will your next service feature new tech volunteers or worship team members? Be sure to make them feel welcome and important.

Remember the important quote from Carl W. Buehner:

“They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.”

Personal Presence

This next one is perhaps the most overlooked component for being attentive and serving with excellence.


Get Good Sleep!

You may be laughing at me right now, but this is important. Getting a good night of sleep is critical for your physical and emotional health.

Your brain will be sharper, you’ll be more ready to engage with those around you, and you’ll be better physically prepared to handle the challenges of fast-paced live events. (Yes, a church worship service can be exactly that at times!)

One more thing… with good sleep, we’ll be more present in the moment. And if we’re not able to be present in the moment, then why are we here?

Sleep on it, then let me know what you think.

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Author / Audio Engineer
Great Church Sound | Missoula, MT

James Wasem has been fascinated by sound and electricity from an early age. His love of music and technical gear made sound engineering and systems integration a natural pursuit. James has spent the last 20 years performing and touring in bands as a drummer, mixing live sound for churches, schools and theatres, and working as an audio systems installer and designer.

Though involved in highly technical fields, James has a passion for making things simple to understand and easy to use. It was from this passion that the book Great Church Sound – a guide for the volunteer was born. James believes that technical ministry volunteers provide a critical service for their congregations and should be well equipped with quality tools to help them grow in craft, skill, and spirit.

James and his wife Kate (who also provided the illustrations for Great Church Sound) live in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Missoula, Montana.