Support for You and Your Ministry from MediaShout

The team at MediaShout supports users and ministries all over the world in various ways. The truth is, we love to serve and support our customers, and we want them to be successful using our tools to help share the Gospel message. Despite being a small company, we utilize every resource possible to provide a timely response and resolution for any issue or question our customers encounter. To accomplish this, we offer support in various different forms, so regardless of your communication preferences, you will always find a way to reach our team.

Support via Email
One of the easiest and most effective ways to reach our team is via email. If you prefer to send your question or issue via a quick email, then we are happy to respond to those. Most of the time we can respond within 24 hours. In fact, we respond to most emails within just a few hours, depending on how busy we are (compared to other companies that may take up to a week to respond). Email allows both of us to have a written record, which can help if an issue reoccurs in the future. It also allows each of us to communicate within our own time frames. It’s perfect for non-emergency situations.

Support via Chat
We also provide Live Chat support for all users during weekday business hours, and for our MediaShout Plus members on Sunday mornings (no one else in the church presentation market does this!). This is perfect for those emergencies where communication needs to happen quickly. Our team is happy to chat with users when needed.

Support via Phone
Customers often prefer to talk on the phone with a support team member. During your 30 day trial period—as well as 30 days after purchase—you are encouraged to call and speak with our team about any questions you may have. Most of the issues that new users experience can be easily resolved within the first 30 days of using the program. However, if you would like to have access to continued phone support, we also offer our MediaShout Plus membership which provides ongoing phone support as well as many other benefits.

Support via Social Media
We have a very active presence on Twitter and Facebook and are happy to provide support for questions through this avenue. In addition, a group of our users has created a Facebook MediaShout User Group where members can ask questions and help one another through issues. Some of our staff also hang out in that group to provide additional support as needed, but we don’t run that group because we want it to be a central place for users to help each other.

Support via Video Training
On YouTube you can find tons of videos created by our own team, as well as by users like yourself. These videos are designed to help you get started with MediaShout 7 and inspire you to try things you may never have thought of. We also provide free webinars during which you can ask questions of our team. Finally, we offer some comprehensive training videos which you can purchase (on USB or via download file) that really dig in deep and extend your abilities with MediaShout 7 that much further.

Support via In-Person Events and Live Training
At various times throughout the year we get out of the office for conferences, exhibits, and on-site training sessions so we can interact with our users, listen to their needs, and provide as much help as we can. If you travel to worship conferences, you may find one of our team members at a booth or teaching a class. You might also find us doing on-site or virtual training with a church (or group of churches) on MediaShout. It’s a great chance for us to connect with our customers and answer questions or address issues in a live setting.

Support via Knowledge Base Articles and User Forums
Finally, we have curated a vast Knowledge Base with a collection of articles and user guides from as far back as MediaShout Version 3. In addition to all of the articles that cover general support and frequently asked questions (FAQ’s), we also have an active User Forum where users like yourself can ask questions, help each other out, and learn from our support team. We also use that forum for accepting users’ new feature requests, and for voting on those submissions to help guide future development of the software.

Support is something we care deeply about
As you can see, there are many avenues of support available to you as a user of MediaShout. We never want you to find yourself frustrated with something that isn’t working the way you think it should. Instead, we recommend using one of these support channels to reach out for help. Often, taking a few minutes to email, chat, call, or look in the Knowledge Base can save you hours of frustration. Those are hours that we would rather see you be able to devote to your family and ministry. We are here to serve you so that you can serve your community.