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We all know that content is king.

However, when you enlarge your canvas, using an immersive environmental projection setup, this statement becomes so much more accurate. The overarching idea behind environmental projection is not to have a really large projection, but to create an environment. Ideally, that environment will take people somewhere and help them experience worship in a more intimate and personal way.

For the past seven years or so, I’ve been noticing certain content is better for environmental projection than others. Here’s my case for the best content for environmental projection.

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High Contrast Snow

There’s something about snow when you are using environmental projection that completely changes the feeling and state of the room. When used effectively, we literally create a magical environment and help usher in the sense of that christmas season. It’s also a perfect way to reveal environmental projection (with a piece of media like this one) because you can create the effect that it’s snowing on the walls.

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Since environmental projection expands beyond the peripheral vision in most cases, one of the most stunning applications of content for environmental projection is using large, majestic landscapes.  My favorites are mountainscapes, wide plains, oceans and clouds. Each of these literally transport you to a new location and create a stunning opportunity for people to experience firsthand the splendor of God’s creation.

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Stars & Cosmos

On songs like 10,000 Reasons, Canons, and Revelation Song, there’s an opportunity to help people in our community fathom the beauty, depth and stunning detail the cosmos and outer space world embodies. We can do this by leveraging some of the best content for environmental projection: Stars and Cosmos. Due to the natural high contrast nature of these images and the immersive characteristics, the potential for impact increases exponentially. (Side Note: this is my favorite galaxy motion background)

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Cathedrals/Stained Glass

Finally, and possibly my favorite use for environmental projection are the stunning use of cathedrals and/or stained glass! If your content (like this one) includes a high level of detail and depth, then the result is an unbelievable transformation of your worship space. We get to re-invite the sacred, holy and reverent space of the ancient cathedrals and provide a modern sanctuary for worship to take place.

best content

There’s no question that the possibilities for environmental projection are endless, as immersive media can help people worship in a deeper way and we transcend the natural realms of worship environments.

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However, regardless of what you use, the power of environmental projection will absolutely reside in the use of great content. Don’t settle for the wrong media, make sure to invest in the right, high contrast, and detail-oriented content that works best on non-traditional surfaces.

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