Understanding and Appreciating the Tech Team’s Ministry

This article is reposted with permission from David Leuschner. Check out his blog over at DigitalGreatCommission.org

Tech team members are part of a ministry that, at its heart, fulfills the Great Commission. Most technicians have led many people to Christ by fulfilling their part in the service.

Sure, it’s important to have one-on-one contact with people and guide them to Christ. But when it comes to technical abilities and talents, why would a tech’s work be any less a ministry to the lost than the pastor’s preaching? I don’t believe it is.

The work of a technician is just as much a ministry as is the missionary’s work when he travels around the world, or a pastor’s work when he speaks from the platform. Many souls have been won to Christ through the ministry of tech.

If it were not for technology, how would multisite video church happen?

How would digital ministry tools be available so we could share them with our neighbors?

Sermon podcasts or webcasts are sent around the world in seconds, which means that a church has an international outreach without the church tech leaving town.

None of that would happen without a technician willing to come in early, stay late and work hard to fulfill what I like to call the “digital great commission.”

Knowing this should reframe the mindset of the tech team member, no matter his role. This way of thinking should drive the tech team, giving the team a mission, a vision, and a goal. It changes how team members act, react, and interact.

The tech’s job is more than pushing a button or moving a fader. Indeed, through the use of technology, the tech’s role is to create an atmosphere of worship that helps engage or introduce every soul to the Holy Spirit. That’s the digital great commission. Let’s fulfill it.