10 Tips To Record From Home

Church Leaders – Here are my top ten tips to make great videos while recording yourself on a phone during this crisis. Spending a little effort with these tips will avoid making bad home recordings while we are social distancing.

1. Framing – Shoot mid thigh up. This allows you to give wide gestures with your hands. It also allows you to punch into a tighter shot while editing.

2. Audio – Don’t stand more than five feet from the camera so the mic can pick you up. Also make sure to project your voice and turn off anything noisy in the room like a fan or air conditioning.

3. Video – Shoot in 4k and 24 frames per second. This gives you the best image possible. Also, use the best phone in the house, even if it’s your kids.

4. Lighting – Stand in front of your biggest bay window and open up the blinds. You will look gorgeous.

5. Eye Contact – Find the camera and look at it. This will make a personal connection with your audience.

6. Eye Level – Put the camera on eye level to avoid the dreaded double chin look.

7. Background – Make sure it’s distraction free – there shouldn’t be any dirty socks on the floor. Also make sure it’s dynamic – you shouldn’t be standing against a blank wall.

8. Duration – Keep it short and sweet. Whatever your message length was in person, it should be cut down in half for video.

9. Content – Transition from the stage to the screen by changing your content and tone from authoritative to authentic.

10. Audience – Picture one person you want to connect with and communicate to them. If you do that, you’ll communicate to everyone.

Bonus Tips

1. Posture – Stand don’t sit. This gives you more energy. It also hides the spare tire. If you insist on sitting, then do it on the edge of the chair / couch and sit up as much as you can. It will feel silly but you will look great.

2. Talking Points – Hide your talking points by taping them below the camera for easy reference.