5 Online Kids Worship Experience Ideas

If you do not have the ability to create full scale videos for your kids, you might consider using videos from great Kids Ministries.

Instead of piece-mealing videos you might find online, find a Curriculum you like and stay consistent.

At Twelve:Thirty Media, we create Custom Media content for several Kids Ministries including Seeds Family Worship, Answers VBS, Yancy Ministries, GO! Curriculum, Doorpost Songs, Children’s Ministry Deals and others.

These are just some of the content we have helped create for Kids Worship Experiences and how you can get some great discounts from these fantastic ministries.

1. Seeds Family Worship

Our friends at Seeds creates resources for your church and for families for Kids Worship.

They have over 167 songs to Word-for-Word scripture that will help kids hide God’s Word in their hearts. They have also created incredible Online Children’s Services, resources and tools for families and more.

Sample Online Children’s Service Video:

Sample Lyric Video:

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2. GO! Curriculum

GO! Curriculum is offering Kids Church Online that includes interactive teaching, YouTube playlists, Worship Videos, Email templates for parents, Home Guides, social media post ideas and more.

They have also created an entire Online Vacation Bible School for Kids that can be used as an Online Kids Worship Experience. It’s a backyard theme with outside games. They have included short bible stories, music and worship segments with lyric videos, fun sports clips and other things.


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3. Yancy Ministries

Yancy Ministries provides incredible Worship Music and Resources for Kids Worship. She offers great cartoon and motion graphics Lyric Videos, Online Concerts, Elementary and Preschool Worship Curriculum and more.

Sample Lyric Video from Yancy:

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4. Doorpost Songs

Doorpost Songs provides amazing Music and Digital Resources for Kids Worship. We have worked together with Doorpost Songs for their latest Family Worship at Home project – a six episode series of Family Worship Moments. Each episode includes a theme verse, big idea, three song videos with hand motions, and bite-sized interactive teaching moments.

Plus, it comes with a free digital license for their Family Worship Guides. This series is perfect for a Kids Online Worship Experience or Online Vacation Bible School experience.

Family Worship at Home with Doorpost Songs:

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5. Children’s Ministry Deals

Our team has been involved in creating several Online Vacation Bible School Experiences for Children’s Ministry Deals. Each Curriculum includes Intro Videos, Countdowns, Bible Lessons, Digital Games and more. Children’s Ministry Deals provides a massive library of Ready-Made digital content perfect for your Online Kids Worship Experiences.

Sample Riddle Games:

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These are just a few of the ministries that our team has helped create graphics and video content for – that you can use to create amazing Online Kids Worship Experiences.

Use a mixture of videos from you and pre-made video content to engage kids online.

If you need help producing your own content for your Kids Ministry, let us know, we would love to help you.