Media Resources on the Topic of Unity

We are in a moment in our culture where unity within the body of Christ is vitally important. Below is media content that might be helpful to show during your In-Person or Online Worship Experiences.

ONE: Lyric Video

Six months ago, my friend Jason Houser at Seeds Family Worship was inspired to work on a new song based on Ephesians 4:4-6. We couldn’t imagine the things happening in our country when he began working on this song and when we had planned to produce the video.

It was set to release later this year, but the our Twelve:Thirty Team and the Seeds Team worked quickly to release this song and video early.

It is a powerful visual of unity. The world needs Jesus and we need to be a loving example of who He is by loving one another.

You can download this video for free.

THE WOUND: Mini-Movie

There is a racial divide in our country that is deep and painful.

It is a wound to be tended to.

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MADE IN THE IMAGE: Lyric Video for Kids Worship

A year ago our friend Yancy started writing “Made In the Image” inspired after an event she experienced. She went home that night confident that the message that God made every man man, woman, boy & girl needed to be heard. In light of recent events in America it seems it’s a message that needs to be echoed again in again for all to hear.

You can purchase this video from WorshipHouseKids.


The entire Ten Commandments can be boiled down into two thoughts; love God, love people. When we allow the love of God to flow through us, we will be compelled to love our neighbor. 

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The mark of a Christian is love. This seems like an easy task, but is much harder than we might expect. The only way we can love well is by beginning with a devoted love for God. Only by receiving the love of God and loving Him in return can we love ourselves in a healthy fashion. From the devoted love for God and healthy love of self comes an overflow of love for others. No matter the circumstances we find ourselves in, we are meant to love God and love people. Love God, Love People Series In A Box is a 3-week dynamic collection perfect for your worship services.

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No amount of distance between us can stop us from being the Church. The Church has never been about a building, it’s always been about people… all of us coming together as one Body. This Mini-Movie is great to show as you continue to social distance and also to show unity within the Church.

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LIVE READY: Mini-Movie

We were never promised a life without pain. Jesus did promise us that he had overcome the world. With the unrest of our culture, this video is a reminder of the trails we face as believers. Perfect to use as a service opener, sermon bumper or transitional element in your worship services.

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We each have a choice on whether we will live for ourselves or put God first. He lets us choose. Let’s shine for Him. This Mini-Movie shows great diversity and shows our calling to live like Christ.

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We pray that this media content will give visuals and encouragement for your congregation during this time in our country.