Transform your worship experience with Worship Media content for your screens, books to learn about church media, and gear for you and your production team. Plus, we’re adding fresh content every month!

Worship Media

Go Unlimited

Our Go Unlimited Subscription Plan includes every Mini-Movie, Service Pack, Series in a Box and Song Video in our online store. A massive library of off-the-shelf, ready-to-use media content for only $49/month.


Countdowns are great to use to welcome your attendees into your Physical or Digital Worship Experience. View All Product Types
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Lyric Media

Videos with lyrics, stories and inspiration perfect for your Worship Experiences. We offer demo and performance tracks on select songs to help you create memorable moments at your church. View All Product Types
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Our Mini-Movies are short-form Sermon Illustration videos you can use as Sermon Bumpers, Openers or as a transitional element in your Physical or Digital Worship Experiences. View All Product Types
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Service Openers

Mini-Movies designed to be Opener Videos for your Worship Experiences. View all Mini-Movies
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Motion Backgrounds

Our Motion Backgrounds are great to use in your Worship Experience. We offer Motions with pre-made Titles and also Blank Worship Backgrounds to give you space to add Lyrics and Sermon Notes. View All Product Types
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Worship Backgrounds

Blank Worship Backgrounds for Lyrics and Sermon Text. View All Motion Backgrounds
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Title Motions

Motion Backgrounds with Pre-Made text for your Worship Experiences. View All Motion Backgrounds
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Series in a Box

Our Series in a Box Sermon Kits are packed with everything you need for your next Series. We offer editable Graphic Design files, Video Content and Teaching Content that you can use or adapt for your church. View All Product Types
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Premium Series Boxes

Premium Series Boxes include everything in our Series Boxes plus a Teaching Booklet with full Sermon Manuscripts, Small Group Discussion Questions, Social Media Post Ideas and more. View All Series Boxes
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Sermon Bumpers

Sermon Bumpers are great to use as a Transitional Element in your Worship Experience leading up to your Pastor or Communicator. These videos set the stage for the Teaching Content. Our Sermon Bumpers also come with Series Trailer versions to help promote your Series. View All Product Types
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Service Packs

Service Packs are small collections of coordinating Worship Media. These packs include matching Countdowns, Motion Backgrounds, Graphics and more for your screens. View All Product Types
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Social Media Content

Engaging Social Media Graphics and Motions that will help you promote your Worship Experiences and engage your community throughout the week. View All Product Types
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Social Graphics

Social Media Graphics to use on your church's platforms to promote your next Series or Event. View All Social Media Content
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Social Packs

Bundles of Graphics and Motion Content for your Social Media platforms to help you promote your next Series or Event. View All Social Media Content
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Title Graphics

Our Title Graphics are great to use in your Worship Experience or in your Promotional Material online. Our Graphics come with pre-made Titles to give you a head-start on what text to add. We also supply the Design Source File and Blank Versions so you can edit and add your text. View All Product Types
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Learn how to transform your Worship Experience from our award-winning authors. These church media professionals will teach how to use media and technology effectively at your church. We also have books from authors we know and trust to offer training in audio, video, lighting, stage design, volunteer culture and more.
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Get our latest swag! We have a variety of products for you and your media production team. Choose from T-Shirts, Lanyards, Bracelets, Flash Drives and more. We want you to be fully equipped to serve your team. We have pre-design production team gear ready to for your volunteers to use as they execute the Worship Experiences and events at your church.
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Don’t see what you’re looking for?

If you’re not finding media content that will work perfectly for your Worship Experience, we’ll produce it from scratch just for you! We produce high-quality low-cost Custom Sermon Series Designs, Sermon Bumpers, Series Trailers, Promotional Videos, Countdowns, Lyric Media and more.

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