10 Video Ideas for Student Ministry

17 years ago, I was a Student Pastor at a small church in North Carolina.

The world has changed a lot in 17 years, especially when it comes to technology. I know first hand as I transitioned from Student Ministry to radio, television and media ministry.

Media elements have become the standard for communicating information to students. In this post, I’m going to give you 10 dynamic types of visual elements you can use on your screens in your Youth Room to engage your students in your Worship Experiences.

1. Pre-Service Motion Slides
– These are self contained videos that convey an announcement or information for your students
– These are usually produced by a Motion Designer
– They are self-contained, individual videos so that you can add or remove them as needed

2. Countdowns
– Countdowns lead your students into your Worship Experience
– Usually a 5-Minute Countdown is the best length
– Countdowns keep everyone on the same for when your service starts – your students, your band, and your leaders
– Countdowns help your students be in their seats and ready for the first element in your service
Think through using this time strategically. It doesn’t just have to be a straight countdown on screen, you can use it to share information or start stirring interest in the topic or message of the day.
Some fun ideas for Countdowns:
– Trivia
– Stats / Did You Know?
– Quotes
– Talking Head Moments
– Video Announcements
– Promotional Videos

3. Service Opener
– This could be an engaging, hard-hitting video out of your countdown that would grab the attention of your students
– This could be a thought-provoking scripture video that draws your students into a place of reverence

4. Song Support or Lyric Video
– This is an element for a more advanced band in your Worship Experience that can play live with a track or click to a timed lyric video
– If you do not have a band that can execute this element, you could just play a song video as your students enter your room or as a thought-provoking element in your service

5. Sermon Bumper
– A Sermon Bumper usually airs right before your Student Pastor comes to the platform
– You can use mini-movies or a pre-packaged video as a Sermon Bumper at your church but I strongly suggest you have a custom bumper produced with your church or series branding
– I’ve found the best length for a Sermon Bumper is between :30-45 seconds

6. Highlight Video
– This could be a recap video of the service projects or community outreach your students participated
– This could also be a recap of a mission trip your students went on
– Use Recap or Highlight videos to celebrate the Lord’s work through the students in your ministry
– Promote all that God is doing in your ministry during your main church Worship Experiences

7. Motion Backgrounds and Stills
– Blank Motions are looping backgrounds that have empty space for lyrics, sermon notes, scripture, announcements and more
– Custom Motion Backgrounds are produced with text related to your service elements or your church. You could produce a Welcome Motion, Closing Motion, a Loop of your Church or Series Logo/GFX, Social Accounts, Website, or Announcements

8. Logo Animations
– Logo Animations are short :10-:15 second motion graphic animation of your church or student ministry logo or Series Title artwork. Similar to “20th Century Fox Logo” or other studio logs at the beginning of movies
– This is a great element to have on screen anytime – as students are walking in, hanging out, during times when there is nothing ‘more important’ to have on screen

9. Promo Videos and Commercials
– You can use promotional videos to promote any ministry or activity to your students
– You can air them in your service, on your website or on your Facebook and social accounts
– Promote a ministry area, promote student camp sign ups, outreach opportunities
– Keep these short – past 2-3 minutes, students start tuning out, no matter how great the video is

10. On-Screen Games, Game Openers and Game Timers
– These are short intro videos, motions, and stills that you can use for a game with your students

If you need help in your Student Ministry producing any of these elements for your Student Worship Experiences, we would love to help you. Feel free to contact our team today to get a project started or for help finding the media content you need to make your experiences awesome. We’re here to help you!