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striking out

Striking Out

In major league baseball, most would agree that any batter with an average over .300 is considered successful. That means as long as he gets a hit 3 out of the 10 times he steps up to the plate, he’s doing a pretty good job. He could literally strike out... read more

An Audition Prayer

You just landed an audition for the role of your dreams. You’re perfect for the part. It’s the one that could catapult your career into stardom. You’ve prayed for an opportunity like this and you’ve never wanted anything more in your life. Now forget what you want, release your clenched... read more

Funding Apricity

Hello there, Ashley Bratcher here on the blog today to share a little bit about a project I’m working on. Most of you know me from my roles in 90 Minutes in Heaven, Badge of Faith, and as the lead actress from the faith-based romantic drama Princess Cut. What many... read more