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3 Midweek Service Alternatives

I was stuck. We were finally coming back from COVID and starting Wednesday night services back up. We decided to rebrand the night for adults and focus on groups instead of the traditional Wednesday night service. This was great for adults, but what about kids? Will I have the same... read more

Church: Perfectly Designed for Women?

The typical U.S. congregation is 61% female Count noses at church this Sunday. If your congregation is typical, 61% of those noses will have lipstick underneath. Christianity is the only major world religion with a man shortage. Why? A business guru once said, “Your system is perfectly designed to give... read more

Are Church Emails Worth the Effort?

A church recently lamented that they only have a 14% open rate for their emails. Plus their click-through rate was extremely low. Their church communicator was wondering, “is it worth the effort?” It’s a great question. It’s a bigger issue though. Much like a parent who’s telling their teenager something,... read more