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Service Attendance

How To Double Your Service Attendance

Hey guys, now that I have your attention- I want to talk about something that is concerning me. I have been away from ministry for a bit, just over a year. While I was in ministry, I was actually pretty good at building sets, programming lights, and getting loops set.... read more

Going Beyond The Technical

While leading and serving within the technical aspects of the church, sometimes as leaders we can run the risk of focusing too much on the tech and not enough on the people. Yes I love a glitch free service as much as the next person, however, if that is our... read more

are you services predictable

Are Your Services Predictable?

It’s easy for church services to get into a rut with Sunday coming every 7 days. Over 52 weeks a year and creative teams can start to rely on past successes instead of crafting dynamic new ones. Whether your services are timed to the minute or open ended, below are... read more