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EPISODE 225: Building a Church Communications Team that Scales Up with Holly Tate (Part One)

WATCH THE EPISODE: LISTEN TO THE EPISODE: Show Notes This week on the show, we are talking with Holly Tate from Vanderbloemen. Vanderbloemen is an amazing organization if you don’t know about it. They help churches, ministries, schools and other non-profits with hiring, succession plans, compensation, culture, coaching and more.... read more

If no one Knows, no one Shows

Good programming begins with good communication. After serving in youth ministry for many years, I have learned one thing for sure and that is that communication is the key. The list is a mile long for what needs to be communicated and communicated clearly. We ask ourselves questions like, do... read more

media team

Why have a media team?

Why have a media team? Well, how far back do you want to go? For the entirety of its existence, the church has used media to communicate God’s story of redemption. From ancient transcripts on stone tablets to live broadcasts on Facebook, Christians have always been using media to speak... read more