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Excellence with Volunteers

Excellence with Volunteers

As leaders that provide technical oversight, we have all asked ourselves this question: “Can excellence be attained with volunteers? More and more churches are hiring staff to “fix” an issue, but then realize hiring staff comes with its own set of problems. Many times they can make the issue you... read more

Digital Great Commission

The Digital Great Commission

Most technicians are content to stay in the background, pushing buttons and not talking to anyone.   Many church technicians have said that despite trying, they have never personally lead anyone to Christ and it bothers them. God created us all to worship Him so why didn’t He create us... read more

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EPISODE 098: How to Lead Hundreds of Volunteers with David Leuschner (Part One)

LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE: Show Notes: David Leuschner from Gateway Church in TX helps churches realize their true potential of fulfilling the Digital Great Commission through the use of Technology. His website is – be sure to check that out. David has been leading volunteer teams for years. He currently... read more