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Church Online Chat Host Best Practices

Here are 10 general best practices for chat hosts across all platforms along with 4 particular tips for Facebook and CHoP from Life.Church. Utilizing these practices will make the experience engaging for your guests.  All Platforms Two Hosts At Each Service – This allows the hosts to chat with each... read more

Stay Dumb

Stay Dumb

Is having a smart phone the smart thing to do? I held on to my dumb phone as long as I possibly could. I knew putting the internet in my pocket would be a dangerous thing. Instant access to porn was my immediate concern (I’m an recovering addict), but lurking... read more

Facebook Live with Daniel Irmler
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EPISODE 108: Everything Your Church Needs to Know about Facebook Live with Daniel Irmler (Part Two)

LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE: Show Notes: Dan is the founder of among other companies that help churches across the country. Today on the show Dan and Carl will be continuing our discussion on Facebook Live and broadcasting your service. More from Daniel Irmler: Sharable Content I want you to... read more