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EPISODE 098: How to Lead Hundreds of Volunteers with David Leuschner (Part One)

LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE: Show Notes: David Leuschner from Gateway Church in TX helps churches realize their true potential of fulfilling the Digital Great Commission through the use of Technology. His website is – be sure to check that out. David has been leading volunteer teams for years. He currently... read more

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How to Prepare for Great Church Sound

Great sound at church is the result of thoughtful preparation and diligent effort.   Sure, there can be some rather technical components involved, but I would argue that the thoughtfulness and care that you bring to your mix plays a much bigger role in achieving great quality sound than that... read more

equip your sound team

How to Equip Your Sound Team for Success

Great sound doesn’t just happen. It takes time, energy, and commitment from a team of dedicated individuals. This not only goes for those on the sound team, but from other leaders in the church as well. Great sound doesn’t start with your sound system. It doesn’t even start with your... read more