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Stop Complaining About What You Don’t Have

Many of us in church tech can get caught up in the temptation to complain about the things we don’t have or can’t afford. This grumbling may seem justified by our limited (or non-existent) budget, a lack of appreciation, or apparent disrepair of certain system components. A common refrain in... read more

In-Ear Monitor Tips

In-Ear Monitor Tips & Tricks

In-ear monitors or personal monitor systems can be a great tool for both the worship team and the sound team.   One of the primary benefits of using in-ear monitors is that they can dramatically reduce the overall volume on stage. This lower stage volume helps the sound tech craft... read more

Sound Outside

Sound Outside of the Sanctuary

When most people think about church sound, they immediately think of speakers, microphones, and the mixing console in a sanctuary or worship center. And that makes sense.   However, quality sound reinforcement at church often involves more than just making sure your primary worship space sounds good. It’s important to... read more