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great stage design

4 Priorities of Great Stage Design

Running a site like, I’ve seen thousands of stage designs. It’s sexy, seeing what brand new types of materials innovative churches start using. And I’ve even had the fun of designing my own stages with my own unique materials. I’ve used PVC, cellophane, stretch fabric, light bulbs… Always looking... read more

you're never gonna please everyone

You’re Never Gonna Please Everyone

In all my experience working at a church, there’s one problem I’ve never been able to solve. It’s one of the most pervasive conflicts churches around the world experience. And it’s a huge form of strife among churchgoers – especially young adults. The conflict is this: Where do we go... read more

EPISODE 013: Setting the Stage with Jonathan Malm

This week, Carl welcomes a very special guest – Jonathan Malm. Jonathan is the author of several books on church culture including Created for More and Unwelcome. He is also the creator of some powerhouse church media sites like,, and In this episode, they discuss Jonathan’s latest... read more