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The Ultimate Guide to ProPresenter Training

Over the last few years on our blog and on episodes of The Church Media Podcast, we have talked in great detail about Propresenter. We recommend three Presentation Software: ProPresenter You can Buy a copy of ProPresenter here: MediaShout You can purchase MediaShout here: EasyWorship You can purchase EasyWorship here: read more

Digital Great Commission

The Digital Great Commission

Most technicians are content to stay in the background, pushing buttons and not talking to anyone.   Many church technicians have said that despite trying, they have never personally lead anyone to Christ and it bothers them. God created us all to worship Him so why didn’t He create us... read more

How to Teach Your Team Your Processes and Systems

Hopefully now with your Production Team, you’ve put some good processes and systems in place in regard to Providing a Clear On-Ramp for New Volunteers, Providing Consistent Training Opportunities and Providing a solid Rotation Schedule.   If you need some help establishing some systems in these areas, check out these... read more