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great church sound

How to Prepare for Great Church Sound

Great sound at church is the result of thoughtful preparation and diligent effort.   Sure, there can be some rather technical components involved, but I would argue that the thoughtfulness and care that you bring to your mix plays a much bigger role in achieving great quality sound than that... read more

live streaming

Audio Tips for Live Streaming

In an effort to “get our church online and live streaming”, many teams make the mistake of forgetting one CRUCIAL element… …The Audio Quality! I’m going to make a bold statement here: the audio for a live stream is more important than the video.   We’re tuning in to hear... read more

Practice Your Mixing Skills

Practice Your Mixing Skills

Mixing sound is an art It is also a technical craft. And like any art or craft, you must commit to learning and practice in order to stay proficient and mix with excellence on a regular basis. This begs the question: How do you practice mixing? This is going to... read more