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You’re Competing In A Visual Medium

When I launched The Online Preaching Coach, I got some pushback from a pastor who didn’t think he could learn anything from a television producer like me. Frankly, he didn’t see the need to reach people online. He was focused on rebuilding in-person church attendance — which had fallen by... read more


Custom Media Staff Picks – Spring 2023

Our team is passionate about crafting and creating Custom Media content for churches and ministries that serves their unique needs. This summer, we had the privilege of working on several custom design and video projects that we wanted to highlight. In this blog post, we will showcase a few of... read more


Custom Media Staff Picks – Christmas 2022

We are so thankful to work with such awesome churches and ministries we had the privilege of working with this year. We’ve produced hundreds of Ready-Made and Custom Media pieces over the last couple of months. We wanted to highlight some of our favorite Christmas Content that our team had... read more


Custom Media Staff Picks from Summer 2022

To say that our team loves crafting and creating content for churches and ministries that serves churches would be an understatement. We’ve produced lots of Custom Media pieces this summer but below are some of our favorite Custom Videos we produced for churches and ministries over the last few months.... read more

5 Social Content Ideas from Every Sermon

‘5 Social Content Ideas From Every Sermon’ blog post was posted with permission from the author Mark Macdonald. Church communication is NOT all about the tools. It’s more about content. It’s like saying that every church needs a Sunday service but not creating engaging components in the service. Your church... read more

3 Ways to Simplify Content on Social Media

Attention spans are incredibly low. And dropping. People stop listening and paying attention a lot sooner than you’d expect! Why? Because we have so much communication noise all around us. Every moment there’s so many things competing for our time. Our phones alone, have dozens of options competing for our... read more