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Caring for Your Volunteers: REST

It’s almost Thanksgiving and though most people are thinking about turkeys, family time and cooler weather, those of us involved in the church world already have our brains spinning around the upcoming Christmas Holiday. We are busy sorting though music, Christmas stage designs or just general holiday service planning. Of... read more

More Than Music

I am a husband, brother, friend, musician, worship leader, and a follower of Christ. First and foremost I am a follower of Christ. Amongst all of these things I am also an introvert. I know many worship leaders, and a good amount of time these individuals are introverted as well.... read more

EPISODE 004: How to Win the Hearts of Your Volunteers

In this episode of the podcast, Carl shares 10 ways you can win the hearts of your volunteers. He shares how if you can win the heart, your volunteers will follow you and the vision for your ministry anywhere. For complete Show Notes, sharable content for your team and more visit

Own It

When it comes to volunteers we all have people all across the serving spectrum. On one side there are the people who would serve at every opportunity and then we have those on the other side of the spectrum who serve once a month or so. But when it comes... read more

Music to My Ears and My Creativity

Being a Worship Leader at a church doesn’t always mean you are only playing music on Sundays and rehearsals mid-week. Often times the job description comes along with creating graphics, putting together videos, stage design, lights, audio, etc. Something that really helps me stay focused throughout the day on all... read more