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How to Teach Your Team Your Processes and Systems

Hopefully now with your Production Team, you’ve put some good processes and systems in place in regard to Providing a Clear On-Ramp for New Volunteers, Providing Consistent Training Opportunities and Providing a solid Rotation Schedule.   If you need some help establishing some systems in these areas, check out these... read more

Pastor First. Tech Second.

This is the secret sauce to building a dynamic volunteer culture at your church. You have to care more about who your volunteers are becoming more than what they do on your team. Your goal should be to create a community, not use people to push a button. Make sure you... read more

6 Tips for Scheduling Volunteers

Scheduling volunteers can take a lot of your time if you’re not careful.  Here are 6 Tips for Scheduling Volunteers that will save you time and keep your team on the same page: 1. Enlist volunteers to help you schedule. -You can still oversee and monitor this process, but building a... read more